InstaPair is instagram bot with all feathers you need to grow your
Instagram Account

Payment with Crypto

InstaPair Provide Payment With Cryptocurrency

Trial Version

InstaPair Provide Trial Version For 3 Days

Eazy to Use

InstaPair Base on Windows app and Eazy Ui

Easily discover important insights for your page content

InstaPair Provide Scrape User from Folower/Folowing/Hashtags
it means you can find the corect person for yours

Send Direct Massage

After You Scrape the Users you can send Direct Massage To them

Account Balance

Account Balance Help To send Direct massage/mention Users it means you add temp Account to App and program use this temp account to send / mention users

Account Manager

InstaPair Save Account Information to login Account it means


InstaPair Provide All feathers
you need to grow your Instagram account

Send Direct Masage

InstaPair Provide Send Direct Message it meant you can Scrape users and send a special message to them For sent direct to lot of people you can add temp account to account balancer

Scrape Users

InstaPair Provide this feathers to scrape users from follower/following/Hashtags and you can use this users to send direct message / follow / mention our extract as text and excel file

Auto Follow Requset Accept with send Welcome Mesage

InstaPair provide Auto Accept for private accounts it means you login in your main account and let the program to accept the follow request wand sent welcome message to them

Comment Service

InstaPair Provide Comment Service in this Service you can mention Users You Scrape and Mention in your own post comments our you can use this feathers to win comment challenge in Instagram also comment Service use Account Balancer

Follow / Unfollow Service

InstaPair Provide Follow/Unfollow Service thats give ability to follow / unfollow your scraped list

Account Manager

InstaPair Give you Ability to save your login information and make account automatically by using this feature Also InstaPair Support Socks5/Http Proxy To make automatic accounts


Free Trial


for 3 days

Mini Version


per month



per month

Common questions

Do you have apps for iPhone and Android?

no its allready for windows only

Is it Safe?

for make low risk at all we use Instagram official android version
and if you use the correct interval your account will safe but it de pends of your action

What support is included?

you can 24/7 week use support actually we have special support
account in telegram

How can i buy with Credit card?

for buy with credit card /visa/master card you need to send your requset to telegram support accually pay with crypto have 10 % discount

Do you offer a discount?

if you use cryptocurency we can make 10 % discount for you

Whta is Account Balancer?

Account Balancer in Real is a list to add temp account and when one of them is going to action block app switch to another Account Automatic

Get started today with a Trial Version.